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FIX: Power BI Not Authorized in Dynamics GP After Upgrade

February 28, 2017

I've been pulling my Power BI dashboard graphs into the Dynamics GP Home Page since GP 2016. When I upgraded my system from GP 2016 to GP 2016 R2, my GP system would not properly authorize my Power BI account. This post covers how to easily fix the issue so you can connect your Power BI account to you Dynamics GP 2016 to enable a better understanding of your data.

When I encountered the issue, this is the error message I received:

Power BI Error Message in Dynamics GP

When I encountered the issue, this is the error message I received: "This login failed. Attempt to log in again or contact your system administrator."

I tried various things to resolve the issue. In the end, Microsoft pointed me in the right direction:

It appears that from GP 2016, to GP 2016 R2, a change was made in how the Power BI authentication token is stored. The user token storage has been moved from a file in the temporary folder to a table called syADALTokenCache in the Dynamics system database.

However, this token is occasionally left untouched and attempts to use an expired token, if one exists, for login when attempting to enter the Client ID in the Power BI setup window. This results in the error message above.

To resolve, simply remove any record in the syADALTokenCache table, in the Dynamics system database. And then attempt the authentication again.

You may want to try this as well:

Make sure to check the Using Web Client option and enter the following URL in the Reply/Redirect URL to fully enable Power BI:

I've found to is article in the Dynamics Community, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 - Power BI Feature to be a great resource for connecting your Power BI account to Dynamics GP 2016.

Check out this quick video that shows how it's done in GP:

Power BI allows you to quickly create great, aesthetic graphs based on your data in GP. You can also connect to data outside of your GP system. The graphs you create can be added to your GP Home Page as identified above. You can also use Power BI to create dashboards containing multiple graphs that can be viewed online or via mobile devices. If you haven't tried out Power BI, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Take a peek at my GP homepage below to see how Power BI enhanced the data in my system.

Dynamics GP Home Page - Power BI Fix!

Learn more about Power BI and Dynamics GP 2016 throughout Dynamics resources. Contact our team with any questions about your Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

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