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Moving SQL to a new server

August 14, 2008

Just moved MSDE 2000 to a new server with MSDE 2005. Well worth the update as MSDE 2005 is a free download as well and is way better than the admin consol. Other than not having a backup agent MSDE 2005 looks and feels very much like good old SQL 2005.

Here is the link to get to MSDE 2005 express:

Here's an article to set up a backup routine for MSDE:

Process I did to move to a new server:

  1. Make backup of DYNAMICS and company databases
  2. Run capture login scripts found at:
  3. Install MSDE on new server (Mixed mode)
  4. Install GP on new server
  5. Copy output from #2 and run on new server (will automatically run against master database)
  6. Restore DYNAMICS database and company database to new server (All tasks>>restore>>type in database name exactly as it was on previous server)
  7. Change ODBC connections on workstations to point to new server
  8. Update Dynamics.set file on all workstations to point to new shared directory with new reports.dic file location

Process could also be used for regular SQL installs.

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