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Lessons Learned at Sage Intacct Advantage

by Lindy Antonelli
December 18, 2019

Every year we attend the Sage Intacct Advantage conference, a gathering of customers and partners, but this year was something special. Our own Scott Schimberg was presented with the Jered Cady Award for his excellence and evangelism within the Sage Intacct community, and Armanino was also named to the 2019 Sage Intacct President's Club, a select group of the top-performing channel partners. We even had one of our clients receive an award at Advantage. GVS America won the 2019 Leadership and Innovation award in the Wholesale Distribution industry category. This award recognizes organizations that have significantly improved their business and financial operations.

Proud as we are of this, the event is more about the users and looking forward rather than backward. We relish learning about innovative ideas and applications coming out of the Sage Intacct ecosystem, and having the opportunity to contribute to that conversation. This year our in-house experts participated in panels on everything from real estate lending to 990 reporting. We also offered insights about the vastly improved Sage Intacct and Salesforce integration, as well as our tips and tricks for using Sage Intacct contacts.

Our team also took the opportunity to absorb what other speakers were saying. The Sage Intacct community contains some of the top minds in finance and technology, and their insights are fascinating for companies looking to improve on both fronts. Here are a few lessons that really jumped out at us:

Excel is Still Common and Still Problematic

Lots of companies are still using Excel for modeling and reporting, largely because it's familiar, cheap and fairly flexible. However, Excel is also hard to scale, prone to errors, and bad at collaboration, among other drawbacks. As Excel continues to age, companies need to recognize its limitations as liabilities and consider a replacement like Sage Intacct or Adaptive Insights. Both offer the same advantages as Excel with none of the drawbacks. They also bring accounting into the cloud, which most organizations now see as inevitable.

Nonprofits Need Better Budgeting

Nonprofit budgeting can be surprisingly complex owing to the uncertainty of fundraising, the shifting priorities of an organization, and the small number of staff involved. Many nonprofits are turning to technology to make budgeting easier and more effective, but the selection process is challenging. Important factors to consider include how the nonprofit budgets, what pain points exist, and what the long-term budgeting goals are.

Better Technology Leads to Better Work-Life Balance

Bramm DuPloy of the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau gave a particularly interesting talk about implementing Sage Intacct in order to transform the finance department. The goals for the initiative included becoming more efficient and strategic, which are commonly cited reasons for choosing an ERP solution. What stood out was that DuPloy also wanted to use the technology to offer employees a better work/life balance.

By saving time and eliminating tedious workflows, the tourist bureau hoped to offer staff more flexible scheduling options and less time at the office. And it worked, improving employee engagement and retention in the process. Although it often gets overlooked, working with smarter technology makes people happier at their jobs, which is no small benefit.

We are already looking forward to next year's Advantage conference, and we are fully committed to continuing the excellence Armanino was honored for this year.

Have questions about using or implementing Sage Intacct? Reach out to our team.

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