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Improve Employee Efficiency in 3 Ways with Technology

by Steve Chapman
May 28, 2014

Direct employee expenses, including wages and benefits, generally account for anywhere from 20% to 50% of a company's total operating expense. So as a business manager or owner, getting the best productivity from your employees makes sense. Learn how to utilize your technology to improve employee efficiency.

While there are a number of broad areas in which you can increase employee productivity, including organizational and operational, I'd like to talk about the low hanging fruit ─ technology.

Here are just three of the ways that technology, specifically ERP, can make your employees more efficient and productive:

  1. Providing employees with up-to-date business information that they can easily access and make use of. A well implemented ERP system can help you do this. By collecting business information on a real-time basis and making it available to employees so they can act on it, an integrated ERP system provides a broad platform for employee productivity.
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  3. Eliminating redundant data entry and reducing the number of spreadsheets that are used to maintain critical business records. Maintaining these separate types of systems takes a lot of extra time and effort, and increases the likelihood of errors. ERP systems have broad functionality that shares information across different business processes and lines of business. Leverage the integrated nature of ERP systems to improve productivity.
  4. Taking advantage of technologies that facilitate communication with customers and vendors, and amongst employees (e.g. email, instant messaging). These types of technologies are built into ERP systems and are linked to transaction processing within the systems, to reduce the amount of time it takes to communicate with business contacts, improve business relationships and facilitate business processes.

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