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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Is Your HR Team Prepared for the New Normal?

(Updated 06/30/2020)

With the COVID-19 pandemic, HR teams are under more pressure than ever. There are many known and unknown variables around preparing new HR policies and complying with HR regulations for the new normal. This can be complicated and requires specific expertise to handle these situations.

To help employers understand the intricacies of these HR challenges, Armanino's experts have created this video series. They will talk about the most important issues in the market and how to resolve them as organizations get ready to return to work.

For more information and support on your HR issues, connect with Armanino’s HR Outsourcing team.

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Episode 4: Return to Work, Part 3


Episode 3: Return to Work, Part 2

In this episode, HR experts Jenn McCabe and Lisa Hagen walk through the many issues organizations need to consider to mitigate risk in the new normal, from HR policy changes to insurance to the tax implications of having employees working remotely. They’ll also look at some new apps you can use to support your HR and operations policies.

Episode 2: Return to Work, Part 1

In this video, our HR experts explore Armanino’s new COVID Recovery Tracker, a free new tool for businesses that uses real-time, localized data to help you make decisions on reopening workplaces. They show how you can use the tool to track your area’s COVID-19 case numbers, foot traffic, travel patterns, government guidance and more.

Episode 1: How to Manage the Various Payroll Tax Relief Measures in the CARES Act

In this video, Armanino’s HR experts Jenn McCabe and Lisa Hagen explain the several tax relief measures in the CARES Act and how organizations can use them to their advantage. They also explore the details on how the Employee Retention Credits and Employer Tax Deferral work together.


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