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Dynamics GP Management Reporter Conversion from FRX

December 15, 2015

Migrating from FRX to Management Reporter in Dynamics GP can sometimes be a very difficult task. When you run the "FRX Migration Wizard" tool that is installed from the GP Management Reporter installer, you are asked a series of questions and then the tool attempts to migrate your data.

When you log in to Management Reporter (MR) for the first time, you are looking for the red ! marks next to your building blocks to indicate which building blocks did not migrate properly.

You then open each one up and fix all your errors and start to get excited that you are ready to start using Management Reporter! You pop open one of your reports and eagerly click the "Generate" button at the top. You wait patiently while the report generates, and then ... nothing. Nothing happens. No error messages on your screen, but the report also does not open.

So, you launch the Report Viewer application, and you can see that the report successfully generates, but then you get this dreaded window: "This report contains one or more errors that prevent it from being rendered."

Stumped, you start looking in your log files, only to come up empty handed. Well, before you pull your hair out, you might want to look for any column descriptions in your column layouts that contain a "spread". A spread occurs when you tell FRX (and now MR) that you want the column description to neatly spread across a range of columns - a nifty feature that makes your reports look pretty, but does not properly migrate from FRX!

Spreads of column descriptions MUST start in the first column referenced in the spread.

In FRX it let you put the spread in any column across the spread:

Header Options

When converted to MR, it leaves it this way, even though MR does not allow it.  It won't show up on an error report of the conversion either – so what happens is you just get a generic error "This report contains one or more errors that prevent it from being rendered" when you try to open it.

So, to fix this issue, move it to the first column in the spread like this:

Column Header

Fix all your spreads, save your column layout, and generate your report again. Soon you will be dancing around joyously as your report now works in GP Management Reporter!

Now it's time to check all your numbers to ensure they are accurate. One more tip to get you on the right path: Sometimes, the conversion tool will incorrectly map the links to your general ledger (GL) accounts. I recently did a conversion where some of the Segment 3 maps were put in Segment 2 and vice versa. The report did not have any errors, but when you rendered the report, it either had no data, or incorrect data. So, be sure to check your GL account links in your row, column, and tree formats and make sure they linked correctly.

Happy migrating!

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