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Dynamics GP Fixed Asset "Bug" in GPv2013 SP2

October 25, 2013

A new "feature" appeared out of the blue for Fixed Assets with the release of GPv2013 SP2. It actually is pretty simple, but it does introduce a "bug" for which you should know the workaround.

The "feature" is that the Redisplay check-box has been removed from the GENERAL card form. Below is a description of the issue and our workaround: Missing fixed asset redisplay check box

But, it has not disappeared. It is now located under the View selection on the toolbar. Redisplay under View on the General card form in GP2013

As I mentioned, this has introduced a new "bug" in the software. Alas, this change has impacted the ability to import assets using the Asset Import Export tool. The tool will error each and every time you attempt to import assets as you have for all those years in the past.

Normally you would define your import macro file, select your import file, and check the check-box to Run Macro after creation. Run Macro Error in GP2013 - Fixed Asset Import

If you do this in GPv2013 SP2, you will immediately hit the error, Field not found in dictionary. (Line #5). Dynamics GP 2013 Fixed Asset Error message: Field not found in dictionary. (Line #5)

What this is actually referring to is Line #5 in the macro, not line 5 in your import file. Lines 5 and 6 in the macro refer to the missing Redisplay check-box. Because it's not there any longer, you get the error.

So, that brings us to the workaround...

What you may not have known before is that when you click the Continue button the system will parse through your entire import file and actually create a macro entry for every single asset that you are importing. That's what is happening when you see the progress bar repeat over and over again until the macro kicks into gear when the Run Macro after creation check-box is checked. To eliminate this error, you need to edit the macro file.

The best approach is to fill in the fields in the Asset Export/Import window as you did before, but this time, leave the Run Macro after creation unchecked. GP 2013 Fixed Assets Bug, Uncheck Run Macro After Creation

Pressing Continue will create the macro file and place it in the location that you define in the Macro location field. So, make that path an easy one to locate. You will be presented with an "Asset Import completed." message; but, in truth, no assets have been imported. You have just created the macro file. GP2013 Asset Import Completed Message

Open the macro file using Notepad. Sure enough, lines 5 and 6 are trying to have the import process go to the Redisplay check-box and uncheck it. Microsoft GP 2013 Fixed Assets bug after SP2

Delete rows 5 and 6 from the file and save the macro. The two lines to remove are:

MoveTo field '(L) Redisplay'

ClickHit field '(L) Redisplay'

Now, go back to GP and open a blank GENERAL card. (Cards >>> Fixed Assets >>> General). Click the View link on the toolbar and uncheck the Redisplay option there. Redisplay button in GP 2013 SP2

Next, click on Tools on the toolbar. Select Macro, then click on Play... Dynamics GP- Fixed Asset Bug after SP2. Play Macro

This will allow you to select the edited macro file that you wish to "play." Select Macro to Play in GP 2013 to resolve the SP2 Fixed Assets Bug

As soon as you press the Open button, it will initiate the import and you will see your assets flow into the module as slick as can be. If you run into an error during the import process, you will troubleshoot that as you would normally, determining whether you are missing a value in setups or mistyped a value in your import file.

To pick up where you left off on the file, your best bet is to edit the macro file again, deleting all of the rows after the General (Begin) text up until the section containing the asset that caused the error. Then, simply "play" the truncated macro as you just have done.

This was a fun issue to troubleshoot when we came across it. I hope that it helps you in your efforts to import assets in GPv2013 SP2. Let's hope that Microsoft can provide a fix for this by the next Service Pack, if not before.

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