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Dynamics 365 CRM and AI: Why You Really Should Try Versium Predict

October 31, 2018

A few releases back, Microsoft partnered with Versium Analytics to provide Dynamics 365 customers with artificial intelligence (AI) for predictive analysis and lead generation directly within D365 CRM. It's been over a year since the Versium Predict tool has become available in CRM, and despite the friendly price tag ($0), we haven't seen a lot of organizations give it a try.

This post highlights some of the most useful features of Versium and where I think it can bring value to an organization. For the Dynamics 365 customers out there who are already purchasing lead lists, this tool can be a great way to cut costs, while leveraging Versium's AI to be more strategic about who you are targeting with your marketing efforts.

Versium Predict Lead Models

The core feature of Versium Predict that makes it stand out against its competitors is the model-building capabilities. Instead of having a lead gen service tell you what a good lead is, Versium gives you the tools to define your own success models. These models can be run against your existing leads, or Versium-provided leads, to provide insight into the quality of leads for your specific organization. Since the tool uses D365 CRM data to create the success model, it will get more refined over time—keeping your marketing and sales efforts focused on what does work, not what doesn't.

Versium Predict Lead Models

Lead List Creation

Lead List Creation

Versium also allows for lead generation at no additional cost. Their list creator is easy to use and offers various filters such as: company size, revenue, industry, geography and more. Within the organization profile you target, there are contact filters to ensure that the individual you are marketing to fits the service or product that you're selling. Based on the type of campaign that the list is for, you will receive different results based on Versium's AI algorithms and the individual lead's contact preferences. When a list is created, there is an option to add the leads directly to D365 CRM, or download them to Excel if you'd like to review or modify the list.

Data Augmenting

Another useful tool within Versium is the Data Insights functionality. The leads generated by Versium will already have this data captured, but Data Insights can be used to populate empty fields in your existing leads. Whether you're hoping to add additional details on individuals or businesses, you'll be covered.

As you walk through the process, you will be prompted with various options to define exactly how you'd like the new data points to be added to CRM. You'll have the ability to only augment empty fields, or you can ask Versium to overwrite what's already in the system with their up-to-date details. One of my favorite use cases for overwriting data is to update email addresses for leads that show up on your Hard Bounce reports.

Emails Hard Bounce reports

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Versium Predict is already included in your Dynamics 365 subscription. And it is well worth trying out. If you're interested in adding the tool to your CRM system, you can just go ahead and grab it from AppSource.

Have you tried Versium Predict? If not, what's holding you back? Let us know what you think!

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