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COVID Recovery Tracker Adds Data on Foot Traffic, Home Versus Away and Transportation

June 15, 2020

Armanino's Chief People Officer, Carol Ann Nash, recently shared how our COVID Recovery Tracker has been helping her check county-by-county case data, allowing her to make more informed decisions about when to open which offices.

With such great feedback, our data & analytics Ideaticians team didn't stop there. They continued to source data and design tools that would help businesses make more informed decisions about getting back to work. Looking at where people are traveling to by county and by state, with the ability to look at periods pre-COVID and in real time, got the team thinking about how valuable this information could be as states follow phased reopening plans. After all, not all types of businesses are treated equally when it comes to what may be safest.

Looking at GPS data allowed the team to create even more trackers, including:

  1. Foot Traffic - See which businesses (such as office spaces, gyms, bars or airports) are showing increased foot traffic. In states like Texas, where dine-in service has opened back up, foot traffic to restaurants increased by 15% during the month of May.
  2. Home Versus Away - See where people are continuing to stay home versus going out, and how long they are leaving home for. In New York, the state that has been hit hardest by the coronavirus, 46% of people are still staying home all the time, whereas only 27% of people are staying home full time in Alabama.
  3. Transportation - When people do go out, see how they are moving from place to place (whether they are driving, walking or taking mass transit).

Combined, these elements start to paint a more complete picture of what the path out of this crisis may look like for each business. Our teams report that this has been some of their most gratifying work in their careers, as they continue to build real-time tools that play a role in our recovery from this pandemic.

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