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How Creating a COVID-19 Rapid Response Team Is Helping Companies Maneuver Through the Crisis

April 17, 2020

As you're well aware by now, these are unprecedented times, and you likely have more questions than answers about how your business can weather the storm. Many are calling this a “black swan” event, an extremely rare occurrence that came as a surprise and was not preceded by any concerted preparation.

We've received thousands of calls from our clients over the past few weeks asking a multitude of questions, and we wanted to ensure we had the right people on hand to field and respond to them. Which is why we created a team that is solely focused on issues stemming from COVID-19.

We are fortunate to have many bright minds at the firm, from a multitude of areas, who are well-versed in managing a business through turbulent times. So, at the first sign of uncertainty, we immediately moved to gather these experts together into a task force: our COVID-19 Rapid Response Team. They are helping to answer pressing questions, provide materials to help you move forward and give you more personalized consultation where needed.

When the Rapid Response Team formed, it was important that they organized how they would look at business needs and what the best courses of action would be, given the disruptive nature of the issue.  They began by looking at four key buckets: 1) how much cash does a company have on hand, and how can they get more to ensure they stay in business, 2) what government assistance programs are companies of various sizes eligible for, and how can they take advantage of them, 3) how to cut costs and manage any staffing changes, and 4) how to best communicate the information out to clients and others.

The team spent their initial few days of formation on a 24/7 rotation – looking at issues, weighing options and putting together the first pieces of communication, with a focus on making it relevant and easy to understand. They have continued tirelessly to assist with answering questions, consulting where needed and keeping up with and discussing the latest legislative changes impacting businesses.

Meet the Team and Learn How They Help

Specifically, the Rapid Response Team includes Tax Partner Gerry Clancy, who along with his group of tax experts across the country is monitoring legislation and helping clients understand what the changes mean and how to quickly take advantage of them. It also includes Tom Mescall, Partner-In-Charge of Consulting, who oversees a team of consultants ready to assist clients with the most business-critical areas of a crisis to ensure short- and long-term success.

In addition, we pulled in Partner Jenn McCabe, who has been providing specific insights related to running a business, from finance to HR and technology expertise. And we're leaning on Vintage Foster, CEO of our media strategy and communications division AMF Media Group, to help clients understand the best ways to communicate with stakeholders, control messages and manage public perception during this crisis.

The team is rounded out by Dean Quiambao, Armanino's "Chief Relationship Builder," who has a deep and comprehensive understanding of all the firm's expertise. He can quickly assess what is needed for your business and what resources are required to move quickly.

What You Can Do Today

The Rapid Response Team has organized the most common questions they are hearing and resources that provide answers and tips for moving forward into a COVID-19 Resource Center. All of these materials are added to and updated in real time and are accessible by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Take a look to learn more, and don't hesitate to reach out to any member of our Rapid Response Team if we can answer additional questions specific to your business. We're working diligently to keep bringing you the most up-to-date information and partnering with you directly with the shared goal of getting us all through this pandemic.

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