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Video Duel: Excel vs. Top-Rated Cloud Budgeting and Forecasting

by Amy Morgan
April 19, 2017

Maintaining an updated budget (without errors!) is tough in Excel. Version control, lack of security, costly errors - the list goes on and on for the ways a budget in Excel can cause issues. Finance leaders often spend hours (or days) to pull together a report only to have links break because of collaboration challenges. Using Excel for your budgeting efforts can be risky and ineffective for any business. Check out the video duel below between Excel and Cloud budgeting and forecasting solution, Workday Adaptive Planning (previously Adaptive Insights). The battle outcome reveals how your business can benefit from a more modern budgeting and forecasting solution.

Ease your budgeting burden with a top-rated Cloud budgeting and forecasting solution that's fast, easy to use and incredibly flexible. Find out how your team can benefit - contact us today.

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