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The Benefits of Using an App to Track COVID-19 Safety

by Jenn McCabe
July 08, 2020

In a constantly shifting landscape as you navigate return to work, you will need to make key decisions on when and who to let come back to the office and must clearly communicate those updates to your staff.

But applying new policies can be difficult, especially in uncertain times. Employees and customers have a lot on their plates — they are tasked with being teachers and therapists in addition to their day-to-day work.

That’s why we recommend using an app to track COVID-19 safety. By utilizing a tool that is available on iOS, Android, and via the web, you are able to broadly give access to your team and get everyone back to work safely and easily.

You will want to look for a tool that limits employee responses to just a few simple questions so that they can fill them out in a matter of seconds. You’ll also want to use a tool that makes reviewing the results easy, with no additional hardware required, and automatically notifies HR administrators if there is a breech in the policy — allowing for a quick correction of any issues.

Another consideration is a solution that provides an audit trail of each worksite, with time stamping corresponding to sanitation times and the ability to identify where each employee sat during their shift. Having these detailed records allows for more effective contract tracing. If an employee or visitor does come to the workplace while infected, you can not only quickly isolate them, but you can also notify those who were in contact with that person by targeting down to the specific seats where someone was.

It is important to note that capturing health information of your employees and clients opens new areas of risk, with HIPAA and privacy concerns abundant. You need to be able to balance how information is collected. Access to the information should be limited to appropriate HR personnel and closely protected. Storage of the information needs to meet the utmost security possible — with an emphasis on limiting the access to that data to not just specific people but also minimal third parties. Storing data with software providers needs be a methodical choice, trying to find the path of least exposure.

While new changes can be difficult for anyone — with the right software partner it will be a minor bump in the road, and a welcome change to return to normalcy. Please check out Armanino’s Return-to-Work solutions for more information on how we can help.

July 08, 2020

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Jenn McCabe - Partner, Outsource HR - El Segundo CA | Armanino
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