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AR Transactions - Printing by Batch

September 11, 2009

A couple years back, someone asked me how to print AR invoices by batch. I told them plainly, just go to the AR Batch window and click the Print button. And I was proven wrong. There is no Print button (not to be confused with print edit list button) on the Receivables Batch window (under US default company option settings).

Transactions > Sales > Receivables Batches

Receivables Batch Entry

Then I wondered how people could print AR transactions by the batch. I had clients who integrated AR transactions and they wanted to avoid printing hundreds of invoices one-by-one. It turns out the Print button does exist on the AR Batch window. It is just hidden under US default company tax settings, but it will show under Australian default company tax settings. There are a couple of ways to show this.

One way is of course to enable Australian tax settings. Tools > Setup > Company > Company Options Button

Company Setup Options Australia

There are downsides with this approach. First, you have to unchecked "Allow Summary-Level Tax Edits" option which is a checked by default with the US company tax setting. Second, your tax calculation may become "interesting" and if you happen to use a 3rd party tax module – there is a good chance this change will mess things up.

Another way to show the Print button, a better and my recommended approach, is to force the Print button on the Receivables Batch window to show. There are a number of ways to do this: use your preferred development tool (VBA modifier, Dexterity, .NET Add-in, etc.) and essentially add a trigger after window pre event to set the Print button visible. Below is the result.

Receivables Batch Entry Print

Once you have shown the Print button, there are a couple of things you should know when you click the Print button. First, you will be prompted with an additional window when you click the button (see below).

Print Documents Reprint

Please make sure you mark the "reprint" option. Otherwise, previously printed transactions would not be re-printed (could be a feature to avoid duplicate print-outs). I would, however, recommend checking this option as a default by using your preferred development tool and default "adjustment notes" to be unchecked.

Second, the printed invoice is slightly different so you probably need to modify the report slightly to exclude remarks about GST (see below)

Printed Invoice Exclude GST

Hope this is useful. Also just an FYI, below is the tax default options.

Printed Invoice Exclude Tax Default Options

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