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Crisis Stages

Navigate Your Business To It's New Normal Infographic

Navigate the New Normal

Navigate Your Business To It's New Normal

Keeping your business running through typical disruption is challenging, but when faced with a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic, it seems insurmountable. Each business and industry will have its own unique path out of this crisis. It may be V-shaped, with a sharp but brief period of decline followed by an equally rapid upturn. It may be U-shaped, with organizations struggling longer before eventually climbing to a new normal. Or, it could be L-shaped, with a prolonged period of turbulence before recovery.

Whatever your path to your new normal looks like, you may find yourself in some or all of five stages: triage, formative assessment, transition, optimization and growth. Each phase has its own set of challenges and opportunities.

The organizations that act swiftly to assess, change, take advantage of market opportunities and invest in the right places will be the ones to make it through this or any other business disruption and thrive on the other side. Our white paper takes a closer look at each stage and describes specific actions to take along the way from recovery to growth.