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Start Up

Armanino Careers Startup Background

Your product or service is being developed or is in production. Your first customers are trying it. Baseline systems are in place and you’re meeting the bare-bone regulations that most start-ups face. You’re probably wearing many hats and working relentless hours.

The Direction The main priorities are to complete development, grow your customer base, increase revenues and generate positive cash flow. This means constantly monitoring the needs of customers to meet their evolving needs and demands. It also means fine-tuning your production process while preserving cash. Start-ups generally have limited access to bank funding—and only a lucky few receive venture capital—so gaining access to capital sources will be a key concern.

The CFO Function Since you probably don’t have a CFO at this point, someone—most likely you—has to watch the finances. There are accounting and information systems to establish, budgets to set and technology to invest in. In this stage, as you pull together your financials—both actual and forecast—to seek further funding, it makes sense to seek outside assistance.



Meeting Your Needs While in the start-up phase, you often don’t need or can’t yet afford a full-time finance department. We can provide all the finance functions on an outsourced basis so you can stay focused on your business. And when the time is right we will seamlessly transfer responsibilities to your inhouse team. Armanino can help with the proper entity choice, and provide proactive tax planning to optimize your tax advantages. We can also set up financial applications and perform valuation compliance. We can support you with the following:


Accounting Function Set Up

  • Financial Statements
  • Staffing
  • Financial Applications
  • Outsourcing

Tax Planning

  • Corporate
  • Individual
  • 1099s
  • Property & Sales
  • Payroll

Corporate Formation

  • Entity
  • Structure