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Time Tracking & Project Management


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Armanino's Time & Project Tracking for Microsoft CRM provides companies with a quick and easy to use solution to more effectively manage projects, resources, track time, and report project status to customers.

Using this solution, companies can start tracking against a project in just minutes and bypass the time-consuming task of setting up complex projects required by other software tools. With Armanino's Time & Project Tracking for Microsoft CRM, staff can immediately use Outlook calendar appointments to track billable and non-billable time and project notes. The solution then records those against an open project within CRM.

Armanino’s Time & Project Tracking for Microsoft CRM also includes the ability create tasks, milestones and generate dynamic customer-facing reports which are fully editable and allow you to choose what level of detail to share with the client. Each project entry is recorded in CRM, auditable and gives management instant insight into budget vs. actual. It provides visual dashboards showing where staff resources are open, at capacity, or over maximum capacity.

This solution is perfect for companies that want to avoid massive infrastructure investments or time investments required by standard project management solutions while improving the allocation of their resources. 

Benefits & Features

Solution benefits:

  • User-friendly interface of Microsoft Outlook
  • Data is fully editable at any time
  • No additional infrastructure investment required
  • Projects can be set up and ready to track in less than 5 minutes
  • Complete project visibility for time, resources, and forecasting of each project scope, hours, and timelines
  • Lower total cost of ownership than traditional, complex professional services management solutions

Features of Armanino's Time & Project Tracking for Microsoft CRM:

  • Use Microsoft Outlook to track billable and non-billable time
  • Record notes associated with time entries
  • Revised Outlook entries are automatically appended in CRM
  • Ability to create project tasks, milestones, and milestone dependencies
  • Can track time at the task level, which can then be rolled up into the overall project accounting
  • Budget vs. Actual Reporting
  • Resource Availability & Billing Forecast Dashboards
  • Automate the creation of editable project status reports