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Equity Management Consulting

Why Us

Armanino's Equity Management Solutions team brings much-needed discipline and accounting rigor to stock option plans for startups, privately funded companies, and those preparing for IPOs. Armanino leverages cloud-based tools to build solutions and provide support or serve as the outsourced solution.

The Equity Management Solutions team provides technical accounting expertise along with software implementation and process customization to develop the right models for your organization. We provide equity consulting and stock option administration services for year-end, quarter-end, or monthly reporting, as well as company transactions, award modifications, and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).


Armanino’s Equity Management Solutions team is available in a variety of packages designed to meet your company’s specific needs. Organizations can contract for a limited amount of services as outlined in our packages, select the entire Equity Management solution, or work with Armanino to develop a customized program. 

Armanino offers service packages that include a combination of the following:

Equity Accounting Package

  • Fair Value and Expense Calculations (Journal Entries)
  • Footnote Disclosures
  • Technical Memos
  • Option Administration
  • Option Valuations
  • S-1 Support
  • Auditor Interaction
  • Stock Certificate and Option Reconciliation and Clean-up

Equity Administration Package

  • Participants/Awards/
  • Monthly Cap Table Reporting
  • Pre- and Post-Board Meeting Support
  • Form 3921 Filings
  • Fair Value Inputs
  • Quarterly and Annual Expense Calculations
  • Annual Expense Package (for auditors)
  • Footnote Preparation
  • Audit Support

Tax Reporting Package

  • APIC Pool Calculations
  • Tax Benefit Calculations
  • ISO Withholding Tax Information

Valuation Package

  • Annual Common Stock Valuation
  • Warrant Valuation
  • Performance Award Valuation

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