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Audit Risk Mitigation

How We Help

Accurate and up-to-date financial statements support strategic business decisions and are a must if you are seeking investment, financing or a loan. But when you are running a lean accounting department, your team is usually stretched thin, which can make it a struggle to reconcile accounts or meet requests from your external auditors for certain “prepared by client” (PBC) schedules.  

To reduce your audit risk, let Armanino’s Outsourced Finance & Accounting team serve as an extension of your staff.  Our audit risk assessment and mitigation experts help you ensure that at quarter-end and year-end, all PBC schedules are audit-readywith all of the required supporting information and explanations.

We’re on call to lead or assist with quarterly updating of the documentation required by your auditors, and we work with your staff and the audit team to adapt our standard schedules to meet your expectations. Using your records, we develop and populate those schedules, via an efficient eWorkpaper tool that also stores key source documents, such as bank statements and investment account statements.

We adapt our scope and approach to accommodate whatever your auditor needs to accomplish, whether that means helping you reconcile bank accounts, assisting you with accounts payable confirmations, drafting the proper revenue recognition memorandum, or conducting the necessary research to explain variances. Our audit risk experts can assist with the documentation of any new or complex transactions that require formal position papers, so your team doesn’t have to struggle to do so at the last minute.   

With Armanino, you’ll know the work is being done correctly and on schedule, and your data will be audit- and due diligence-ready, whenever you need it.

Why Us

Armanino provides responsive, customized service along with a full range of technical expertise. Our Outsourced Finance & Accounting team brings more than 30 years of specialized experience to the financial and accounting function in businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Our team’s skillset includes all technical areas of accounting, such as revenue recognition, complex liability and equity instruments, derivatives, stock-based compensation and income taxes. We can also provide financial statement preparation and SEC reporting support as needed for timely reporting to investors and regulators.