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The main island of New Zealand maintains connections to the internet through two primary backbone connections.  In 2005, a construction crew inadvertently cut through one of these lines.  No big deal…we have another.  Only it didn’t work.  Why?  Because rats had chewed through it rendering it inoperable.  In doing so, it threw New Zealand back to the 19th century eliminating voice and data connections, closing banks and the New Zealand stock exchange. Some officials called this a “freak occurrence.”

I would call this a preventable incident. One that a robust business continuity and disaster recovery plan would have mitigated before the issue occurred.

A significant, sustained interruption of enterprise operations or information flow will have an adverse effect upon an organization. Developing a sound business continuity and disaster recovery plan is crucial to preventing even a minor disruption from snowballing into a business catastrophe. An effective process model may prevent the emergence of a crisis.

Our Business Continuity Management team has deep experience in business continuity planning and understands the importance of complying with regulatory requirements and fiduciary responsibilities in order to avoid potential penalties and litigation.

We at Armanino can assist clients in identifying critical business processes and exploring strategies that include:

  • A process-oriented approach that incorporates a business impact analysis (BIA), a risk assessment, risk management, and risk monitoring

A strong business continuity plan that maps out an organizational structure with distinct roles and responsibilities and generates well-documented plans, including information technology, business relocation, manual workarounds and data restoration features


Are Your Clients Prepared to Handle a Fraud Disaster?

Disaster contingency plans enable businesses to protect employees, minimize losses, and get up and running again as quickly as possible.

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