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In today's ever-expanding and shifting business environment, standards change, pronouncements are issued and best practices warrant well-versed resources to meet the evolving requirements. Armanino can assist with such services as SOX, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Internal Audits and more.

Business Continuity Planning & Management

A significant, sustained interruption of enterprise operations or information flow will have an adverse effect upon an organization. Developing a sound business continuity plan is crucial to preventing even a minor disruption from snowballing into a business catastrophe. An effective process model may prevent the emergence of a crisis. 


Contract Compliance Audits

To increase shareholder value, it’s up to you to make sure your business is compensated accurately from your contract relationships. Armanino has a full-service contract compliance practice to support you and increase your bottom-line.


Cybersecurity Consultant

Is your network open to attack? Are you running unpatched applications? Are you up-to-date on the continual barrage of hackers? If you answered "No" or "I don't know" to any of these questions, your network is fair game. New holes in security are discovered and then immediately exploited to compromise networks around the world. Today's "secure" network is tomorrow's easy target. 


Enterprise Risk Management

Risk often rises in tandem with change. For example, when external certifications are needed to promote business competency, a new business venture is pursued, special projects arise, or a key accounting, IT, or finance professional becomes unavailable for extended periods, an enterprise lacking in ERM can become vulnerable. 


Internal Audit

Strong internal controls are a good business practice for all organizations, whether or not they are required to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).  Armanino’s internal control specialists work with a wide range of public and private companies to create more effective internal control structures and improve operations. 


Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) Compliance

Let’s face it. Everyone thought SOX was routine. Assess risks, define controls, test controls. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.


Contract Compliance Services

Corporations allow millions of dollars in revenue to slip away simply because they don’t perform contract compliance audits.

While it’s true that good partnerships are built on trust, it’s equally true that neglecting to establish effective controls and monitoring systems is the same as inviting your business partners and licensees to make their own calculations for your earned revenue. You can bet their interpretation will not be impartial or accurate.  Study after study points to an incredible 80% of contract under-reporting, and 50% of that involves significant under-statement of revenue — at least 10% below what the contract agreement requires. You do the math — if you could recover 10% in underpayments for each $1 million in reported revenues, would a contract compliance process be worth your time and effort?

Under-reporting may be due to honest mistakes, vague revenue and cost sharing definitions, differences in interpretation, manual system errors, and dozens of other possibilities given the complexity of most agreements. But one thing is clear: To increase shareholder value, it’s up to you to make sure your business is compensated accurately from your contract relationships.  Only an in-depth quality contract compliance review will identify issues with the accounting figures provided to you by public companies, as high-level financial statement audits do not contain enough detail to identify or quantify these issues.

Armanino’s contract compliance audit professionals are experienced in serving a variety of our firms' clients in areas such as royalties, licensing, distribution agreements, advertising, digital content and more.

Our contract compliance audit services include:

  • 3rd Party portfolio risk assessment - Identify and prioritize risks related to business partner compliance.  The results can help you move forward more strategically in your compliance efforts.
  • Royalty Compliance — Recover fees, help strengthen licensing relationships, resolve contract interpretation issues, comply with copyright law, and identify opportunities for mitigating risk.
  • Distributor and Reseller Review — Enforcement assistance for contracts with channel partners including gray market issues, incentives, marketing funds, channel status, reporting, controls, etc.
  • Software End-User License Review — Monitor license compliance for software vendors, leading to increased current and future licensing and maintenance revenue.
  • Vendor Contracts — Review pricing, invoicing, service level agreements, and billing processes related to other large expense areas such as technology outsourcing, contract labor, business equipment, shipping, telecom, etc.
  • Ad Agency Contract Compliance Audits — Identify significant cost recoveries or other improvement opportunities to proactively monitor media placements.
  • Franchise Compliance – Achieve franchisee conformity with compliance issues including royalty payments, operations, and marketing charges.
  • Software Asset management (SAM) — Reconcile the software an organization has licensed, deployed, and in use in order to reduce IT costs and limit legal and operational risks.
  • Joint Venture & Profit Participation - Examine joint venture financial statements, profit calculations and distribution data for proper financial distribution.
  • Construction Contract Compliance - Review of prime and sub-contractor fees, labor charges, materials, change orders, mark-ups, project controls, etc.


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