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As the largest California-based CPA and consulting firm, and one of the Top 10 fastest growing accounting firms in the nation, Armanino brings depth, expertise and value to its clients. Our four departments - Audit, Tax, Consulting & Business Management - provide traditional and non-traditional services as well as two divisions, AMF Media Group and Financial Horizons.




Armanino’s Audit Services Team is committed to adding value to your organization. Our team will provide high-quality assessments of your business based on an in-depth knowledge of your industry. In doing so, we can show how your workflows, revenues, costs, and overall financial performance compare to those of your industry peers.




For companies and individuals alike, minimizing tax exposure requires both a clear vision of where you want to go and the right advisors to get you there. Whether we’re collaborating with your in-house tax department or handling all your tax work on an outsourced basis, we scale our tax services to your organization’s resources and strategic goals. 




There are times when you have to turn to outside expertise. The key to success is selecting the right partner. With this in mind, Armanino offers an integrated set of services designed to meet the needs of both growing and established companies. Every job is unique. That's why Armanino builds each consulting team based on the exact objectives.

Business Management

Business Management

Business Management

Armanino’s Business Management group allows very successful people to live the life they choose, by offering distinctly curated, first-class service, sound financial planning and meaningful advice. 

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